Ships Wheel Barometer Ships Wheel Barometer Ships Wheel Barometer


Barometer - Wm. Widdop Ships Wheel Barometer

Aneroid barometer from Wm. Widdop in marine model depicting a ships steering wheel. Ships Wheel Barometer is a classic barometer with polished wooden frame in mahogany style with brass details and finely shaped hands. Apart from the hand that displays the current air pressure there is another manual hand that you can set milestones with and thus also makes it possible to follow the change in pressure (you can set a point of reference with the manual extra hand). The barometer matches the wall clock "Ships Wheel Clock" Materialer: tre, metall, glass Størrelse: Ø33x3cm Produsent: Wm. Widdop

Dette produktet er dessverre ikke i vår katalog for øyeblikket.

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