Karlsson Six in the Mix Black Alarm Karlsson Six in the Mix Black Alarm Karlsson Six in the Mix Black Alarm


Vekkerklokke Karlsson Six in the Mix Black Alarm

kr 839
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Cool LED desktop alarm clock from Karlsson. Indication of time 12/24 - date - temperature C/F - 3 alarms. Brightness adjustement - three levels. Power saving mode: Optional setting in which clock remains idle (no indications) and turns on either
detecting some sound (e.g. by clapping) or just by touching.

Permanent power via usb cable (included) (230V Adapter not included) Works by 3 AAA batteries but is only meant for reserve power, the clock goes down in resting mode when powered via battery and needs to be activated via touch or clap/sound to display time.
Made of ABS and rubber. Possibility of wall mounting.

Materialer: plast/gummi
Størrelse: 120 x 175 x 45mm
Produsent: Karlsson
Design: Gijs v.d. Beucken


Produsert av:  Wikinggruppen


Velg: Privat eller Bedrift, Organisasjon

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