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14 dagers leveringstid
Built-in Wire Remote LED Timer PoE + 50mm is adapted to function as a built-in clock and timer/stopwatch with several well-thought-out functions. The clock is a stopwatch/timer/clock intended to be built in to an existing structure such as a wall, console or stand. The clock can easily be connected to several clocks in a network that is controlled centrally.

Features of the clock:
Built-in or integrated clocks give modern office environments a well-designed look
The clock has extra bright wide-angle diodes
Automatic light sensor that adjusts the brightness to the current light conditions of the room
Modular design with easy installation and maintenance
Works via LAN interface
PoE +
Hygienic case in stainless steel with glass surface
Possible: synchronization with NTP server
Possible: integrate the stopwatch function with a dedicated wired remote control
Prepared for GPS receiver and temperature probe
The clock can also be purchased without a remote control and can then be used to create a network of elegant built-in clocks, especially suitable for modern office environments.

The clock has a timer function, you can control these functions via the specially adapted push button control:

- Timer clock, stopwatch (from: 00:00 to when the remote control button is pressed) Max value 99:59 (Minutes: Seconds)
Countdown hours (from: XX: XX to 00:00) maximum value 99:59 (Minutes: Seconds)
Enumeration hours (from: 00:00 to XX: XX) maximum value 99:59 (Minutes: Seconds)
(This clock lacks a second display when used as a clock, the display in the ZBM series in addition to hours and minutes also displays seconds when the clock is used as a clock. When using it as a timer however, it measures seconds and minutes, but not hours, if you want a longer count than 99 minutes and 59 seconds, we recommend the ZBM-Series of this model)

The clock is controlled via PC and gets its power via PoE "Power over Ethernet" (not regular 230V). If your network supports PoE no extra cables are needed, simply connect the clock to the existing network with Ethernet cable via hub or switch. Perfect for creating a network of synchronized wall clocks. The wall clock is controlled via browser (each LAN-clock has its own IP address, so you do not have to search for it in the network. All you have to do is open the web browser, enter the clocks IP address and connect) or use RGB's software ClockSet which can be downloaded for free from this control panel you can then control all the clocks that are connected to the network. The clock supports static IP address or DHCP. The clock has a built-in RTC (real-time clock) and thus works even if the NTP synchronization is out of order.

The clock has a date indication and can be hung outside as well as inside (enclosure class IP66) all year round, so it can withstand thorough cleaning. The device has memory and stores settings. This is a professional timekeeping unit with very high quality regarding both components and manufacturing. The package contains a clock with integrated fastening device (flush mounting) and cable-controlled control unit/remote control.

The clock's time display can also be controlled via GPS receiver (not included). The current time and date are then set by the LED clock automatically synchronizing with the global GPS system just like a mobile phone. 100% accurate time is displayed all year round and the wall clock automatically changes between summer time and winter time. The length of the cable for the GPS antenna is 10 meters. GPS reception works in all rooms where a standard mobile phone has GPS reception (if you are unsure of the reception, test with the phone's GPS).

This model has 5cm high numbers, which means that it can be read at a distance of up to 20-30 meters.

Materialer: rustfritt stål, glass
Størrelse: 414 x 150 x 45mm
Produsent: RGB Technology

Are you looking for customized solutions, please contact us, all the clocks can be customized according to customer needs, examples of possible customizations:

Time system: master clock and slave clock (synchronize all clocks to show exactly the same time via the Web or Satellite - GPS)
Combinations of features: GPS, WiFi (NTP), temperature, alarm/buzzer (88db / 108dB), water temperature, extended wires/cables (up to 100m)
Wireless radio system (The wireless radio system is based on a transmitter that sends the time signal (868 MHz) to the clocks which must be equipped with a special radio receiver module.)

We can also deliver more complex solutions: information boards, scoreboards with time display, price displays, digital queuing system. Ask for quotation.

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