Braun Sweep 30 White Braun Sweep 30 White Braun Sweep 30 White Braun Sweep 30 White Braun Sweep 30 White


Veggur - Braun Sweep 30 White

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Braun Sweep 30 is a minimalistic wall clock from Braun with details that connect the design language to the Braun heritage. The iconic second hand with the Braun-yellow top that floats silent without ticking. The classic dial with its indexes and numbering. The hour and minute hands have contrasting colors. These are all classic thought through Braun design elements. The clock has a protective shock-resistant lens in front of a matte dial. Braun wall clocks are technically innovative and of high quality. The legacy of the German Bauhaus movement is evident in this wall clock, driven by a German-made precision works with sweeping second hand.

Veggur fra Braun er teknologisk innovative og av høy kvalitet. Braun ble startet i 1921 og er et av verdens ledende firma innen designede forbrukerprodukter. Deres klokker har tyske urverk.

Materialer: plast, "shatterproof plastic glass"
Størrelse: Ø30 x 4,5cm
Produsent: Braun

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