Seinäkello - TFA Time Zone LCD Temp RC Alarm (Radio Control works in Finland)

TFA Time Zone LCD Temp RC Alarm is a very large radio-contolled LCD clock from TFA with time zone, day & date calender, alarm with snooze and thermometer for temperature. A large inverted display (black is background color) lets the time be seen from 10+ meters away. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a desk with the built in foot. Radio-control means that the clock is automatically set to the right time, year round. Time zone option means that the clock can be set for different timezones as long as the German DCF signal is within reach. Can also be manually set. Materiaalit: muovi, lasi Koko: 36,8 x 23 x 2,9cm (Standing: 36,8 x 23 x 8,6cm) Valmistaja: TFA Dostmann

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