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Roger Lascelles - Clocks of London Materiaalit: komposiittimateriaalit Koko: 36x36 cm Valmistaja: Roger Lascelles Roger Lascalles wall clock 'Neill Classic "is inspired by a church clock made ​​in the Victorian era. The stylish color scheme and shape allows it to fit into both modern and classically decorated home. A very nice clock in a European design tradition, but with unmistakable English origin. The Wall clock Neill is inspired by a church clock produced by Robert Neill who mainly worked in London, but originally came from Belfast. Robert Neill specialized in church clocks in the early 1900's. The clock also bear his signature. One of his most famous clocks is sitting in the Parish Church of St. Mary in Leeds. On the pendulum of the clock, there is an inscription " Be on time. Time at best is very short." The clock is also available in larger size.

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