Seinäkello - Rhythm Octagon

Rhythm Octagon is a pendulum clock with a clock house in wood and glass with brass details. The wall clock is equipped with SIP and can play multiple melodies and chimes. The video lets you hear the sonorous chimes. This is not the same clock but the first chimes are 4x4 Westminister Impact + hours, the melodies are not the same but the quality of sound is the same. Features: SIP = "SIP - Sound In Place 100% replica of true sound" First 4x4 Westminister Impact + hours 2nd 4x4 Ave Maria Impact + hours 3rd Westminister + hours 4th Bim Bam + hours Volume control, demo button and automatic night shut-off. 24 HR ON: Chime is activated. - OFF: Chime is turned off

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Tuottaja:  Wikinggruppen