Herätyskellot Karlsson Cube Pure Rosewood LED

A very stylish LED Alarm Clock from Karlsson. The clock is made of rosewood and delivered with a transformer. Features: Time, date (DD-MM-YY), temperature, week, weekday, alarm and snooz. Have a fixed point or let the clock change every five seconds between: temperature, week and day. Snooze - touching the clocks top (concealed sensor) Light Dim - the digital numbers automatically dims down 50% from 22: 00-07: 00 Built-in backup battery - alarm clock memory works even if a power failure occurs, you do not need to reset the clock, as soon as the power is back on the clock starts working again. 99-year calendar (up to 2099), no need to set calendar more than once. Materiaalit: puu (rosewood) Koko: 130 x 130 x 130 mm Valmistaja: Present Time Design: BOX 32

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