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Multifunctional desk or alarm clock from Braun! The new Braun connected clock is the latest in a long line of innovation and offers users an unprecedented level of customization through the introduction of the first Braun clock smartphone application (App). With the addition of 2 x USB charging ports, the connected clock has taken time management in to the future! It is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, allowing it to sync with a smartphone’s time and date, and pull all the different alarms and alerts from the phone. This means 100% correct time all year round!


Free app for download
Superior clarity with a VA LCD display
Bluetooth connectivity with remote customisation via Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
iOS and Android compatible
2 x USB ports for charging 2 devices
Intuitive touch snooze function
Multi region adaptor included
Button cell backup battery included
Automatic time and date synchronisation (including DST changes)
Set multiple alarms / repeat alarms for desired days of the week
5 alarm tone patterns with a shuffle option and 3 alarm volumes
4 levels of display brightness
Customisable alarm sound duration & customisable snooze length
The Braun connected clock runs independently even without Bluetooth connection
12 / 24-hour display
Ability to pair with multiple Braun connected clocks

For more info, please have a look on the PDF-manual to the left (if you are using mobile, please tilt the phone horizontally to see PDF)

Materiaalit: muovi
Koko: 75mm x 140mm x 40mm
Valmistaja: Braun

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