Seiko Style & Melody 44 Seiko Style & Melody 44 Seiko Style & Melody 44

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Wall Clock - Seiko Style & Melody

Seiko Style & Melody is a fascinating Melody-in-Motion wall clock with many fine and thought through details. At the bottom of the clock there is a rotating Swarovski chrystal lined pendulum. The clock's face is richly ornamented with multicoloured glass chrystals. Every hour the clock face opens up into three sections and starts rotating as the music plays, an enchanting show that puts a smile on the face of the beholder. Melody in Motion Wall Clock by Seiko 18 hi-fi melodies (including six Christmas songs) to choose from Volume Control Demonstration Button Light Sensor that turns off all the songs when the lights are turned off Rotating pendulum Size: 44.3 x 40.5 x 9.7cm Material: Composite, glass Manufacturer: Seiko

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