Wall Clock - Seiko Industry In Out Waterproof XL

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Product Description:
Seiko Space Link GPS - the world's first clock for home, office or outdoor use which receives a time signal from a GPS satellite with atomic precision. 4 times each day the clock receives a signal from the GPS satellite network, which means that the clock always displays the correct time and change with the daylight saving automatically. The clock does not need to be connected to power outlets, it is powered by a battery with a 5-year life span. Seiko's most technically advanced wall clock with a quality that you normally only find on a prestige watch.

Special Features 1: Satellite Synchronised
Special Features 2: Indoor or Outdoor
Special Features 3: 5 Year Battery Life

Size: Ø45 x 7,8cm
Material: Stainless Steel, glass
Manufacturer: Seiko


Produced by:  Wikinggruppen


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