Mondaine Square Alarm White Mondaine Square Alarm White Mondaine Square Alarm White

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Alarm Clock Mondaine Square Alarm White

Mondaine Square Alarm White clock provides a striking addition to update the home or office. A contemporary quality clock with Swizz quartz movement and led-powered night light. An essential timekeeping accessory, the desk clock features a super soft rubber coating, velvety to touch, this clock is tactile as well as stylish. There are many station clocks, but there is only one original: ‭ ‬the station clock from SBB is the original and Mondaine is the licenced manufacturer. ‬The dial is almost identical to the station clocks located at train stations throughout Switzerland. The Mondaine clock is ‭a unique design object. ‭The clock was designed by Hans Hilfiker and developed ‭by Switzerland's national railway company SBB. ‭ ‬The clocks dial has looked the same since it was created in 1944 ‭and it is protected by mineral glass. The clocks second hand is inspired by the signal sign the stationmaster used to announce to the conductor that it was time for departure. Material: PVC, glas Size: 70 x 70 x 40mm Producer: Mondaine

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