Braun RCC Clockradio White Braun RCC Clockradio White

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Alarm Clock Braun RCC Clockradio White

Very stylish radio controlled clock radio from Braun. The clock radio is radio-controlled which means that it is always set right down to the second. Practical alarm clock with 24 hour display, Quick Set Function. The alarm time is displayed on the display, the clock radio has snooze functionality, and light so it can be read during the night. A premium clockradio in a timeless design. Alarm clocks from Braun ‭are technically innovative and of high quality. The broad hands contrasting with the dial displays the time clearly. Shape-wise, the alarm clock possesses a functional beauty. The legacy of the German Bauhaus movement is clearl in Braun clocks all run by a German-made ​​precision clockworks. Material: plastic Size: 72 x 78 x 30mm Producer: Braun

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