Mondaine Mini Alarm Clock Mondaine Mini Alarm Clock Mondaine Mini Alarm Clock Mondaine Mini Alarm Clock Mondaine Mini Alarm Clock

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Wall Clock - Mondaine Mini Alarm Clock

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The Mondaine clock, commissioned by the Swizz national railroad company SBB, is a unique object - a true design icon. ‬The clock, designed by Hans Hilfiker, is simple yet elegant with a brushed steel case and the famous red second hand. There are many staion clocks but The Mondaine Station clock is The original.

A smaller version of the classic Mondaine clock with some extra features - the luminosity of the hands is unobtrusive but helps tell the time. It has a silent Swizz quality quartz movement - Wellgain Chona 608 - and very effective alarm that begins slowly and very gradually increases in intensity. After the first sound there is about a minute until the next one is heard, and then decreasing intervals until the alarm reaches peak intensity. This way the clocks is very gentle if used as an alarm clock. A small but stylish wall-, desk-, or alarm clock with thought through details. The clock is delivered with a practical tablestand.

Material: aluminium, glass
Size: Ø12,5 x 4cm
Design: Hans Hilfiker/Mondaine
Producer: Mondaine

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